Kim Newall

Kim Newall is a creative technologist, performance artist, educator and consultant.

For over 30 years he has practiced in the space between fine art, design, computing and hacking. His work draws heavily from open source and hacker/maker cultures, and engages a number of different materials and technologies including mixed reality and augmented software, experimental 3D and 2D animation, Arduino, IoT, ink drawing, pencil sketching, data manipulation, sound sampling and live visual mixing. He exhibits and performs regularly at gigs, festivals and in galleries, but also in public spaces (including zoos, industrial estates and town centers).

Kim’s sketches, experiments, videos, installations and performances are designed to challenge the boundaries of what is digital and physical, real and unreal, true and fictional. He is interested in hacking, manipulating, augmenting and transforming different kinds of media (including the environment) in order to regenerate what exists while bringing into existence something new.

Kim holds an MA in Creative Technologies from AUT University and has worked for many years as an educator and consultant, supporting other artists and all levels of students to realise their creative visions. For more information about Kim’s practice and interests see