Dr Ngaire. H Hart

Dr Ngaire H. Hart (Ngatiwai and Ngapuhi) is an engineer, environmental scientist, educator and global expert on NZ native bees (Ngaro Huruhuru).

Dr Hart has a Bachelor of Engineering (electronic and computer/systems), an MSc (Hons) in Environmental Science and a PhD in Engineering (specialising in the monitoring and imaging of our native bee population). She has been an expert advisor for a range of groups including Maori Trust Boards and government organisations. Dr Hart is also a respected educator having taught environmental science at secondary level and given numerous educational seminars in tertiary, community and corporate settings.

Much of Dr Hart’s most recent practice is in raising community awareness native bees and on integrating core aspects of mātauranga Maori, science and engineering. Dr Hart is one of only two Maori Women in the world with doctorates in Engineering and has won numerous awards for her research.